LUVAR - Portable CPAP / BiPAP homecare device from heyer medical Germany
Portable CPAP-/BiLEVEL-Homecare-Device

Light-weight and compact design

The modern design of the heyer medical LUVAR system with its compact size makes the device a visual highlight and ideal companion for holidays or business trips. -

Features & benefits

Enhanced data management

All devices within the LUVAR series allow for the user to have access to an extended overview of the therapy and efficiency data For comprehensive evaluation, the therapy and compliance data of the last 365 days is available via the heyer medical analysis software.


Silent therapy operation

With only 30dB, LUVAR series offers a silent therapy operation in a new compact designeven at its maximum flow rate.


Individual user comfort

LUVAR series enable individual and user adjusted sleep therapy. The well-known and proven breasyflex option ensures particularly gentle and pleasant therapy adjustable in CPAP and APAP therapy. The APAP and AutoS mode are available for the automatic adaptation of the necessary therapy pressures for the individual user needs.


Intuitive device interface

LUVAR series has the typical heyer intuitive interface, allowing for very user friendly and intelligent handlingwith a large colour LED display.


LUVAR series like all heyer medical AG devices are developed in Germany using the latest development standards by highly qualified and long experienced engineers. The production of LUVAR series takes place in compliance with the strictest Germany quality standards.


Technical specifications

Luvar A
Luvar STA
CPAP Auto CPAP BiLevel
Auto S S ST T
Initial pressure 4.0 – 20.0 hPa
Initial pressure 4.0 – 23.0 hPa
Therapy pressure 4.0 – 20.0 hPa
Minimum pressure 4.0 – 20.0 hPa
Maximum pressure 4.0 – 20.0 hPa
breasyflex Patient ON, OFF
breasyflex Full time, Ramp only
breasyflex Level OFF, Level 1 - 3
EPAP Minimum 4.0 – 23.0 hPa
EPAP Maximum 4.0 – 23.0 hPa
PS 2.0 – (25.0 hPa – EPAPMax)
EPAP 4.0 – 23.0 hPa
IPAP 6.0 – 25.0 hPa
VT Minimum OFF, 200 – 1500 ml
Increase pressure 0 – (25.0 hPa - IPAP)
VT Min Alarm ON, OFF
Ti Min 0.5 – 3.9 s
Ti Max 1.0 – 4.0 s
Ti (inspiration time) 0.5 – 4.0 s
Frequency 5 – 40 bpm
Apnea time 4 – 20 Seconds
Insp. Trigger Level 1 - 6
Exsp. Trigger Level 1 - 6
I flank Level 1 - 6
E flank Level 1 - 6
Leakage warning ON, OFF
Backup ON, OFF


Support & Service
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