Respiratory Humidifier
NeoHiF Series
High-Flow oxygen therapy

NeoHiF Series provide effective respiratory treatment for patients by high flow & exact humidification with a warm Air-O2 mixture.

Offering accurate oxygen concentration, which rapidly improves the patient's oxygen level, remains the normal operation of airway mucociliary hair.

Features & benefits

  • Higher flow range
The flowrate output is as high as 80L/ min, which effectively washes the dead space of the nasopharynx to avoid the patient inhaling the unhumidified air ensuring the treatment efficacy
  • Wider dew-point temperature regulation
The lowest adjustable starting temperature can be set from 29" C to 37C, which suits more patients with heat intolerance.
  • Unique intelligent voice alarm
Configurable voice alarm/ operation prompt makes it more convenient for home use patients.
  • Oxygen sensor
Non-consumable oxygen sensor avoids repeated replacement, thus effectively reducing the cost of use.
  • SpO2 module (optional)
Accurately monitors blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate offering real-time monitoring of therapy
  • Nurse call
Professional nurse call is to meet the needs of centralized management of alarms for medical institutions
  • PM2.5filter
Effectively avoids dust pollution, prevents respiratory and pulmonary infection guarantees health protection for

Technical specifications

FiO2 21%-100%
Flow range Flow rate 2-80L/min
Monitored Parameters Temperature, Flowrate, Oxygen concentration, Respiratory frequency
Trend graph 1,3,7 days trend review
Voice alarm Standard
Oxygen sensor Non-consumable material
Nurse call I7 Standard,I5 none



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