Pasithec II
Cost-effective and modern anaesthesia workstation

PASITHEC II is an advanced yet easy-to-use anaesthesia workstation

that provides precise, pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ventilation.

It has a user-friendly design, incorporates new technologies and provides the clinician with safe and effective treatment options.

PASITHEC II has a mode for adults and children with standard values and measuring ranges suitable for the patient.

PASITHEC II has a wide range of advanced ventilation modes that give you flexibility in your choice of ventilation methods.

It is suitable for use with children and adults. PASITHEC II is equipped with many features for excellent operability, including additional power connections.

Features & benefits


The high-resolution 12.1-inch TFT LCD with touchscreen, together with the navigation wheel, offers simple, intuitive user guidance.
The ergonomic features ensure that the doctor can perform the entire procedure easily and precisely.
For better overview, the parameter areas on the main screen are shown in different colours.
The curves and alarms are clearly displayed so that the doctor can easily check the patient's treatment data.


PASITHEC II displays patient data in waveforms and spirometry loops.
Loops can be saved for reference to better understand changes in the patient's response to therapy.
The optional respiratory gas monitoring with EtCO2 and anaesthetics provides the doctor with complete information about the patient's ventilation and the delivery and absorption of anaesthetics.

The flow meter system ensures an oxygen concentration of at least 21 % in the O2/N2O mixture with the aid of a reliable pneumatic oxygen proportion controller (ORC).

The digital flow meters for O2, AIR and N2O are specially designed for low flow applications. This system features an electronic fresh gas flow indicator as well as the traditional mechanical flow regulators and flow adjustment knobs, increasing patient safety over fully electronic mixing systems.

The advanced functions for therapy are also easy to use. The APL valve of the PASITHEC II has a quick release function that allows the patient's breathing pressure to be lowered quickly and the pressure limit to be set precisely.
The full curve display with integrated spirometry provides loops on demand for improved clinical data analysis.
The system provides a minimum O2 concentration of 21% at all times, using a pneumatic oxygen regulator. This increases patient safety compared to systems that use electronic or software-controlled ORC functions.

Technical specifications

Ventilation modes IPPV, PCV, PS, SIMV-PC, SIMV-Vc PCV-VG, manuell
Tidal Volume (VT) 20 - 1500 ml
Ventilation frequency 4 - 100 bpm,2-60 bpm (PS)
I:E ratio 4:1-1:8
Ptarget 5 - 70 cm H2O
PEEP OFF, 3 - 30 cm H2O
Flowmeter E-Flowmeter
Display 12" colour touch screen
Support & Service
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