VG55 nicht invasives Beatmungsgerät mit schwenkbarem Monitor
VG55 - Non-Invasive Ventilator
Non-Invasive Ventilator

VG55 is specially designed for Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV).

Research has shown that early application of NIV can effectively decrease intubation rates and hospitalization length.

The application of NIV can also prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), as well as promote respiratory care.

VG55 uses advanced turbine technology, provides NIV with ICU-grade monitoring

Features & benefits

Features & benefits

  • High-Flow-Therapie
    Ein Luft-Sauerstoff-Gemisch, das 21 % bis 100 % FiO2 ermöglicht, erzeugt einen Flow von bis zu 60 l/min.
  • Complete Ventilation Modes
  1. Volume Guaranteed Pressure Support Ventilation (VGPS) assures tidal volume with auto adjusting pressure support, decreasing the workload for clinicians while ensuring patient safety.
  2. CPAP with Crelief option offers two levels of flow-based expiratory pressure relief, which improves patient comfort and treatment acceptance.
  • 15 Seconds
    Start Your Natural Breath within 15 Seconds
  1. Auto-calibration is performed within 15 seconds, safely guaranteeing the ventilator’s performance.
  2. Quick setup with guide-way system and intuitive interface.
  3. Smart trigger combines pressure and flow triggers, highly improving the patient-machine synchrony, allowing the patient to breathe in a more natural manner
  • 5 Minutes
    Become a Respiratory Therapist in 5 Minutes
  1. With 15.6” intelligent touchscreen, the VG55 displays complete ventilation monitoring in a single screen.
  2. Simplifies the patient management with user-friendly interface and guide-way information.
  3. 3000 pieces event/alarm logs provide clear information to ensure continuity of patient care.
  • in Seconds
    Get What You Need in Seconds
  1. Two minutes of emergency oxygen therapy provides 100% oxygen for whenever and wherever needed.
  2. Extended SpO2, PR module fulfill clinical requirements.
  3. Advanced integrated Aerogen nebulizer enhances respiratory care. (optional) (optional)
  4. High-Flow Therapy up to 60L/min.

Technical specifications

Treatment Mode CPAP,S/T,T,VGPS,HFT
FiO2 21%-100%
Flow(HFT) 2-60L/min
Tidal volume (VT) 50-2000mL
Inspiratory time (Ti) 0.3-5s
Frequency (f) 1-60bpm
Crelief level 0, 1 & 2 (relative scale)
Trigger level 1, 2& 3 (relative scale)


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