heyer TV 8000 Beatmungsgerät für Erwachsene, Kinder und Neugeborene
Adult, Child & Neonate Ventilator

New star VT8000 launches to meet all groups of patient for critical care needs. The enhanced versatile ventilator helps to create a stronger ICU.

Features & benefits

Features & benefits:

15.6" Capacitive Touchscreen:

15.6" TFT highly sensitive touchscreen provides clear vision and supports multi-angle view, which meets the requirements of the ventilator screen during doctor rounds in clinical.

Innovative UI Interface:


In ICU, medical staffs always feel stress in the face of a large number of medical devices. Simplification is their voice. The friendly user interface with clear distribution is specially designed for medical staff. It is easy to learn and operate, which allows medical staffs to get started quickly and save more time for training.


As the name suggests, the interface display is customizable. Doctors can set the parameters, waveforms, loops and even lung dynamic monitoring that they want to display according to the patient's situation.


Dynamic Lung, can intuitively reflect the real-time resistance, compliance, breathing state and ventilation state, combining graphics to show lung status for further appropriate treatment options.

Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation and Extension of Ventilation Mode- CPRV Mode, HFNC Mode

Comprehensive Clinical Tools:

Developed lung protective ventilation strategies

P/V Maneuver, lung recruitment, C20/C and SI are available in VT8000, which can prevent excessive expansion and collapsed of the alveoli reduce the incidence of ventilator induced lung injury (VILI).

Integration of weaning tools

The weaning tools include SBT, NIF, P0.1, RSBI, WOB in VT8000. Doctors can use the SBT in combination with the patient's oxygenation, ABG and hemodynamic indicators to determine whether the patient could tolerate from extubation.

Auxiliary pressure monitoring

Ptp- Transpulmonary pressure measurement to help monitor the status of alveolar ventilation

Extended Modules:

In addition to the neonatal module, there are optional SpO₂ module and CO₂ module, which give you more reference for clinical decision.

All for the Clinical, All for the Patient

heyer VT8000 brings you a new experience and helps you create a stronger ICU.

Technical specifications

Non-invasive: NIV-CPAP NIV-PCV NIV-Backup/Apnoe HFNC nCPAP
Fi02 21% - 100%
Flow (HFT) Neonate: 0,5L/min - 20L/min
Child: 0,5L/min - 40L/min
Adult: 2L/min - 80L/min
Tidalvolume (VT): Neonate: 2mL - 150mL
Child: 20mL - 300mL
Adult: 50mL - 4000mL
Inspiratory time (Ti): Range Neonate: 0,1s - 12s
Adult/Child: 0,1s - 12s
Frequency (f): Range: Neonate: 4bpm - 150bpm
Adult/Child: 4bpm - 100bpm
Psens: -20cmH2 O - 0cmH2 O
Vsens: Neonate: 0,1L/min - 5L/min
Child: 0,3L/min - 10L/min
0,5L/min - 20L/min
The VT8000 and the associated devices are products of heyer medical Co. Ltd. and are distributed exclusively by heyer medical Co. Ltd. and not in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and other future member states of the European Union. European Union. The respective legal provisions of the country of destination always apply. These regulations must be checked before each export, taking into account the individual case. heyer medical Co. Ltd. is exclusively liable for the correctness of all information on this product.


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