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Anesthesia Workstation
The economical understanding of modern anesthesia


PASITHEC ECO is a cost-effective, flexible anesthesia workstation for performing and monitoring inhalation anesthesia. Low-flow techniques minimize gas and anesthetic agent consumption for economical day-to-day operation.


Compact Construction
The compact construction concept fulfi lls most individual situations in OR’s.


heyer medical has developed the Pasithec ECO anesthesia workstation in compliance with the highest European regulation (Medical Device
Regulations) and ISO 13485 quality standards in Germany.

Features & benefits

User Interface
The highly flexible 10.4“ color display ensures a simple and quick access and control of all ventilation parameters and functions. It is operated by a navigator knob and touch keys for frequently used functions. Ventilation modes:

  • IPPV
  • PCV
  • PS
  • SIMV
  • MANUAL – displayed in WAVES or LOOPS.


Flow control
Dual flowmeters for AIR, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide provide an accurate flow control. The build-in auxiliary O2 flowmeter enables the supply of Oxygen for additional patient applications.


Breathing System
The aluminum parts of the Breathing Unit are easy to reprocess and to clean.

An integrated Fresh Gas Compensation ensures a consistent tidal volume in case of changing fresh gas fl ow rates. The Automatic Compliance Compensation provides accurate tidal volumes with a wide range of breathing circuits.


Vaporizer Mount
The vaporizer mount takes up to two Selectatec®-compatible vaporizer.


Technical specifications


Physical & Environmental Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1356 x 845 x 620 mm

Weight (basic unit)

110 ±5kg
(without vaporizer & cylinders)

Storage temperature

-20°C - +55°C

Operating temperature

+10°C - +40°C

Storage rel. humidity

< 93%



Electrical Specifications


Power supply

100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


DC 24V, minimum 120min

Mains outlet




Pneumatic Connection Data

Gas supply

0.28 - 0.6MPa

Flowmeters (basic config)

O2: 0 - 1L/min; 1 - 10L/min

N2O: 0 - 1 L/min; 1 - 10L/min

Flowmeters (full config)

O2: 0 - 1L/min; 1 - 10L/min

Cylinders (optional)

N2O: 0 - 1 L/min; 1 - 12L/min

Air: 0 - 1 L/min; 1 - 15L/min

Gas system

O2 supply failure alarm

O2 supply failure protection

O2 flush: 25 - 75L/min

Working mode

Closed, Semi-closed,

Driven mode

Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled

Safety valve


Operating mode

Man. / Vent.

Cylinder yokes




Ventilator Specifications


Patient type

Adult, child

Ventilation modes
(basic config)

PS/CPAP (with apnea backup), Standby

Ventilation modes
(full config)

PS/CPAP (with apnea backup), Standby


Navigator knob & touchscreen

Tidal volume

20 - 1500ml

Ventilation frequency

2 - 100bpm

Electronic PEEP

OFF, 3 - 30cmH2O

Inspiratory plateau

OFF, 5 - 60%

Flow trigger

1 - 15L/min

Pressure range

5 - 70cmH2O

Pressure support

3 - 50cmH2O

Ventilation Monitoring

Pressure: Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP


MV, Vt
Respiratory frequency
Compliance, etc.

Gas Monitoring

O2, CO2, Agent (All optional)

Graph display (basic config)

P-t, F-t, V-t waveforms

Graph display (full config)

P-t, F-t, V-t waveforms,
P-V and F-V loops


High/Low Airway Pressure
High/Low Minute Volume
High/Low FiO2 (when FiO2 function is enabled)
Power failure, O2 Supply failure, Apnea, etc.

Alarm Silence

≤120 s






Support 2 vaporizers (Selectatec® with interlock)

Optional additional 1 vaporizer holder

Agent type: Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane

Filling type: Pour-fill, Key-fill, Quik-fil®

Remark: Above configurations include standard and option. Please check price with your heyer sales representative

Support & Service
Here you can send us general inquiries about the product.

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