First pneumatic HEYER inhalation systems
in Bad Ems around 1910.

In Bad Ems, the home of heyer medical AG and world-famous spa town, people knew hundreds of years ago about the healing effect of mineral-rich water vapors on respiratory complaints of all kinds. Czars, emperors, ministers and writers once came here to convalesce in the thermal springs. It was here that the global spread of inhalation technology took hold, and heyer was closely involved.

heyer history

An impressive history

Beginning in 1883, the mechanic Carl Heyer developed apparatus that eliminated the need to go to a hot spring to inhale healing vapors. Over the years, the devices became increasingly compact and, thanks to industrial production, also more and more affordable. Soon, they were being shipped to doctors and clinics all over the world. Around the same time, it also became possible to atomize drugs for the targeted local treatment of respiratory diseases – giving a further boost to the spread of inhalation technology.


heyer’s experience in inhalation technology is the basis for another business area: anesthesia technology. heyer anesthesia devices allow physician to ventilate the patient with precisely dosed amounts of anesthetic gas.

Looking to the future

Today, heyer is an internationally represented company. The experience gained from our long company history is the best basis for developing market-driven products that make innovations useful in practice.