Premature, Neonatal & Pediatric Ventilator

Premature, Neonatal & Pediatric Ventilator

VS500S is a specially designed non-invasive ventilator for premature infant, neonate and pediatric.

It provides comprehensive non-invasive ventilation to meet various respiratory management requirements.

Features & benefits

  • 10.4” highly sensitive capacitive touchscreen
Provides clear vision with comprehensive monitoring data.
Easy to learn, Easy to operate
  • User-friendly interface
  • No hidden menu
  • Immediately access and change ventilation modes and parameters
  • Real-time monitoring assures patient safety
  • With SpO2 module, VS500S has real-time monitoring including 3 waveforms, SpO2/FiO2, PI, and OSI to give more reference for clinical decisions to facilitate early diagnosis of Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
    • Oxygen Saturation Index- (OSI) A noninvasive Tool for Monitoring Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure in Newborns
    OSI can be calculated readily and continuously at the bedside, without the need for invasive blood sampling, and may be useful in identifying infants with mild to moderate HRF and evaluating response to some interventions.
    • Perfusion index (PI)
    Perfusion index (PI) is normally monitored with pulse oximeters. It is a good indicator of the reliability of the pulse oximeter reading, and can be used as a non-invasive tool to predict illness severity and mortality in pediatric ICU and emergency departments.
    • SpO2/FiO2
    The SpO2/FiO2 is an independent indicator of ARDS development among patients at risk.
    • Waveforms: Pressure-T, Flow-T, SpO2-T
    Provide real-time information about patient-ventilator interaction and ventilator function. You can observe the change in a patient’s condition from breath to breath, detect problems related to mechanical ventilation, evaluate
    the patient’s response to interventions, and use this information to adjust therapy as needed.

Technical specifications

FiO2 21%-100%
Flow 300 g-10 Kg patient: 0.5 L/min-20 L/min >10 Kg patient: 0.5 L/min-40 L/min
Patient Type Premature infant, Neonate, Pediatric (300g-40kg)
Inspiratory time (Ti) 0.1 s-15 s
Frequency (f) 1 bpm-120 bpm
Trigger 1-10 level
Screen size & resolution 10.4” capacitive color touch screen; 800×600 pixel

Support & Service

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