Purelit OL9500
Purelit OL9500
Purelit OL9500
Purelit OL9500
LED Surgical Lights

Purelit OL9500 is a surgical light with advanced technology, meeting the requirement of high-end users.

  • 15 patents obtained
  • Received Red Star Design Award 2010
  • High-tech Produce Star by Beijing Government in 2013

Features & benefits

  • Performance
    It is easy to use with shadowless effect. Its design also minimizes overheating and optimizes airflow for better hygiene.
  • Quality
    It has transparent light screen with special coating which allows easier cleaning and sterilization on
    all surfaces. Imported spring arm ensures the high product quality.
  • Precise
    Its advanced patent focus technology enables clear vision of cavity.
  • Clearness
    Its white LED light with no colored cast shadows guarantees clear vision of tissues.
  • Safety
    It has separately controlled multi-lens matrix electronic circuit to prevent total light malfunctioning, ensuring patient safety.
  • Comfortable
Its control panel is easy to operate which provides unparalleled experience for surgeons.
  • Durable
It has long LED life expectancy which makes the product more reliable and cost-effective.
  • Efficient
Low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize the impact to our environment.
  • Adaptability
It supports low height ceiling mounting and it is compatible with HD camera.

Technical specifications

Revolving arm vertical axis 360°
Color Temperature(K) 4300±500
Color rendering Index Ra(%) 95%±3%
Color rendering Index R9(%) 95%±3%
Standard Installation height 3 meters
Water resistance IPX2
Large light head 160pcs LED, diameter 700mm, 21kg
Small light head  80pcs LED, diameter 500mm, 12kg



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