Purelit OL9600
Purelit OL9600
Purelit OL9600
Purelit OL9600
LED Surgical Lights

The Purelit OL9600 is a technologically advanced surgical lamp that meets the needs of high-end users.

  • Multi lens optical focusing technology
    Multi-lens light source design for more than 110 light sources
    Light source area up to 4000 cm2 excellent shadowless effect

Features & benefits

  • Intelligent lighting compensation
    It not only gives more comfort to surgeons during operation, but also greatly reduces the impact of the surgeon's head on the surgical fie also greatly field lighting.
  • Wide Range of Spot Diameter
Stepless adjustment on spot diameter from 160 to 500mm.
Except for general surgery, it also meets the requirements of large area debridement surgery.
The spotlight and floodlight parts are well integrated, generating a soft transition section at the edge of the spotlight.
  • Unique Endoscopic Lighting
Green ambient light during endoscopic surgery, enhances the sensitivity of human eyes to light under darkness and reduces glare and optical illusion
  • Customized Surgical Modes
    There are 3 preset surgical lighting modes (spinal surgery, cardiac surgery, urological surgery).
    Surgeons can also set thier parameters according to different surgeries, and save it
    to call whenever needed again.
  • Excellent Deep Cavity Lighting
    Illumination depth up to 1,500 mm. Excellent deep cavity lighting ensures the best
    field illumination for deep cavity surgery.

Technical specifications

Revolving arm vertical axis 360°
Color Temperature(K) 3000~5700
Color rendering Index Ra(%) 98%+0%


Color rendering Index R9(%) 98%+0%


Diameter of lights(mm) 800
Illumination at lm(Lux) 160,000
Ambient lightintensity(Lux) 30
The quantity of bulbs 114



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