Operating Table

A cost-effective, multi-performance operating table holding up to 350Kg loading,

Adaptable to meeting different surgery requirements, and especially suitable for ENT, ophthalmology and brain

surgery department.

Features & benefits

  • Premium Quality Material
    All exposed parts are made from stainless steel SUS304
    Easy to clean and disinfect
    All control parts are imported
  • Surgical Configuration
Has one-key reset flex and reflex function
Table angles and section lengths can be adjusted within a wide range with 6 standard and various optional assesories
  • Perfect for X-Ray Imaging
Remarkable 320mm longitudinal
Shifting capability create perfect X-ray
Green ambient light during endoscopic surgery, enhances the sensitivity of human eyes to light under darkness and reduces glare and optical illusion
  • Ergonomic Adjustment
    Convenient design for the wrench of leg plate and head plate, able to control leg and head plates single-handedly
    Imported gas springs guarantee smooth movement
    Imported round-hole clamps enable easy to lock and unlock accessories,ensuring safety during operation
    Adjustable table height (564-1014mm) and T- shape base provides a comfortable working environment
  • High-Efficiency Built-in Battery
Maximum 15 days working time
Maximum 85 normal operations duration
No request for AC power to increase the safety of surgery
  • Safety
Auto-lock system: table base will be locked automatically once the position is adjusted by the controller, preventing possible misoperation
Two control modes: manual and column control panel, allowing for backup if one is broken, ensuring the safety of surgery, the Control panel will power off automatically when there is no operation over 1 minute, avoiding any possible misoperation
  • Pads
Have soft texture and stuffed with memory foam
Ultrasonic bonded and sealed for easy disinfection and sterilization
Effectively reduce possibility of patient bedsores

Technical specifications

Table Length(mm) 2,160
Table Width(without side rails)(mm) 520
Table Height(without pads)(mm) 564 to 1,014
Trendelenburg / Reverse 25°/25°
Lateral Tilt (left/right) 20°/20°
Back Plate Up/Down 80°/30°
Head Plate Up/Down 30°/45°
Flex/Reflflex(º) 210/100



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